The Long Island Advocates for Police Accountability, or LIAFPA is a progressive action group of organizations, neighbors, and colleagues from around our region who have joined together to affirmatively address the many concerns that have, for a long period of time, existed around the systemic, institutional and individual injustices created by a biased and racist policing system and all those systems to which it is connected, including the needless criminalization of special needs and mental illness. We stand clear that the movement which has sparked a call for a shifting away from how policing is done is valid and historically accurate. The improper treatment of Black and Brown communities by police, which has resulted in needless deaths and injuries, and abuse of authority, will no longer be tolerated. We have joined together, Black, White, Latinx, Asian, Young and not so Young, and others to let police departments, police officials, heads of police agencies, elected officials and decision makers know that the Black Lives Matter Movement cannot be ignored. Supporting the voices of protesters, we are and will develop and propose concrete plans (The Three Level Approach) to provide to the Suffolk and Nassau elected officials, decision makers and other governmental officials significant pathways to critically needed change on a number of fronts. The group consists of research teams, writing teams, front-line/direct protest teams and other action committees, all aimed at working together as a unified force for prompt and meaningful change. We have come together to bring about meaningful change, adding value to the movement in our Country and our region for a truly just system of policing, and be a part of the change we want.