Long Island Advocates for Police Accountability is a progressive action group of organizations,
neighbors and colleagues who have joined together to address the systemic, institutional and
individual injustices created by a racist policing system and all those systems to which it is
connected, including those which criminalize persons with special needs and mental illness.
We will no longer tolerate the abuse of authority by police, which results in brutal treatment of
communities of color and needless death and injury. We have joined together, in our great diversity,
Black, White, Latina/o/x, Asian, Young and not so Young, LGBTQI+, from different religions
and faith beliefs, to inform police officials, elected officials, stakeholders, and decision makers
that the Black Lives Matter Movement cannot be ignored. Supporting the voices of protesters,
we have developed and proposed concrete plans to provide Suffolk and Nassau elected
officials, decision makers, and other governmental officials with pathways to critically needed reform.